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At Lambert and Associates, we have built our reputation based on our rich experience, quality of service, and dedication to fulfilling client requirements effectively. Our engineers have years of practical experience in their areas of specialization.

They also have access to an extraordinary accumulation of site data and construction history on the Western Slope, which proves useful and saves costs on many projects.

Our Specialties

Lambert and Associates specializes in studies for sites or projects during the planning, design and construction phases. We provide feasibility level and design level geotechnical engineering studies as well as construction phase services.

Our Design Level Studies Are Used By

  • The project planner
  • The architect
  • The structural engineer
  • The civil engineer
  • The contractor
Lambert and Associates

The design level studies aid in their understanding of the site subsurface characteristics as they influence the project.

Lambert and Associates
Lambert and Associates

Our Location

We have offices in Grand Junction and Montrose Colorado staffed with seasoned experts ready to focus on your project's needs.

Since 1983, we have provided geotechnical engineering and construction materials testing services to Colorado's Western Slope and beyond.

Our Professional Services

  • Subsurface investigation
  • Laboratory study
  • Geotechnical engineering analysis
  • Viable foundation alternatives
  • Design bearing capacity
  • Settlement potential of the site soil
  • The swell potential of the site soil
  • Lateral earth pressures for walls
  • Concrete slab on grade floor suggestion